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Nena Fierro summarizes herself as a reader, runner, and writer. She graduated from Texas A&M University in 2017 with a B.A. in Biology and minors in English and (almost) Chemistry. Her free time is spent either running on the beach or hanging out with her doggo, Tolkien. She is interested in oncology and women’s health. Nena’s blog pieces will mostly consist of what she hopes is helpful advice for pre-med and medical students, but she may write more personal pieces like an explanation as to why she “almost” has a minor in Chemistry. Check out her personal blog here.


Celeste Zs16215649_10102680025559323_1017222647_nembery
is just another Yankee trying to make it in the coolest state north of Mexico. She survived 5 years of negative-degree Utah weather and graduated with an MA in Rhetoric from BYU. Before figuring out how cool medicine was, she paid rent by teaching college English and writing snarky remarks into those “how-to-operate” manuals that no one ever actually reads. She is part of the Global Health Track and interested in pediatrics. If her nose isn’t in a book, you’ll probably find her fixing her cantankerous car, biking along Seawall, or anywhere outside.


shaffAlyssa Shaffner proudly claims she is one of the weirdest people you may ever encounter. She is a part of the Physician Healer Track, SCOPE program, and Student Psychiatry Organization. When not studying Alyssa loves to take her dog, Maggie, to the dog park as well as cook, jam to 90’s music, and be with friends and family. A 2016 alumna of Abilene Christian University, Alyssa is excited about her relocation from West Texas to the island.



Luis Marin is a medical student who still gets confused for a high school student.  Born in Mexico, raised on the South Texas border, Luis graduated from Texas A&M International University in 2015 with a major in biology. Luis is a big fan of The Walking Dead and a romantic poetry enthusiast. He also enjoys food, gorgeous Galveston sunsets, and meeting new people. He is part of the Physician Healer Track, SCOPE program, and interested in pediatrics.


baylessDavid Bayless resists the notion that his essence can be captured in a trim little paragraph, but he respects the formalities of blogging and will try to provide one anyway. A graduate of the Samford University Fellows Program, David holds B.A.s in physics and philosophy that––it must be confessed––took him four and half years to obtain since he was not courageous enough to complete all of his coursework in the standard four years. When not reading, talking with friends, or watching cartoons, he is in search of his lost hair. His personal blog can be found here.



Sareema Adnan graduated from the University of Houston with a major in Biomedical Sciences, a minor in Medicine and Society, and an unofficial minor in surviving Houston heat with a head scarf. She is a low-key rapper and a high-key dessert lover. She’s also in the SCOPE program and Global Health track. If she’s not on the third floor of the library, she’s probably enjoying the sunset, having a snack, or enjoying the sunset and having a snack.





Li Ding.

Loves simple things and spicy food.





Cree Clay is from Dallas, TX. She graduated as a First Generation College Student from Texas Tech University. Her major was Psychology, so yes she can read minds.  She is a member of Kappa Delta Chi and the Physician Healer Track. Most importantly, she is a Beyonce lover. She believes strongly in Self Love, Mindfulness and Self Care. How you gone win if you ain’t right within?





Vivian Chiang is a Dallas native who graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a major in biomedical engineering and minor in art history. She wants to one day be a certified yogi, and she loves to run, cycle, and eat as much food as she can. Some of her favorite foods are thin crust pizza, Texas Roadhouse dinner rolls, and pull-apart Twizzlers.



neema-bitNeema Khonsari  went to undergrad at the one university that has the humility to claim “What starts there changes the world,” THE University of Texas at Austin. He’s a self described “workout-aholic”, enjoy smoking things…like meats…like BBQ, and recently married! He wants you (and his wife) to know the order of the those items does not reflect the priority they take in his life.  Neema is part of the Global Health Track at UTMB and interested in the field of Psychiatry.


IMG_1183.pngNattapron Tun is a dessert, baby, food, and coffee enthusiast. Not necessarily in that order. She grew up in the Dallas area and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a major in psychology and minors in philosophy and biology. Things that make her heart sing include cooking, baking, dinner parties with friends, curling up with a book, and experiencing new adventures.



Janani Sundaresan graduated from UT Dallas in 2015 with a major in Biology and minor in Psychology after attending TAMS. She enjoys taking naps in the library, being fed by her loving friends, reading, petting other peoples’ dogs, and re-watching episodes of The Office. She is part of the Global Health Track at UTMB. Janani started this blog with the hopes of helping those in medicine or interested in entering medicine have an accurate idea of what life in medical school is like.



Zachary Warren is a Texas A&M graduate with a degree in Biomedical Sciences. He grew up in Southern California and Austin, Tx. He describes himself as a part-time medical student, full time Harry Potter aficionado. He is in the Physician Healer Track at UTMB and his passions include traveling to places he has never been, reading (Harry Potter), and connecting with people on a meaningful level daily.




Benjamin Parva is a 2015 graduate of Millsaps College in Jackson, MS where he achieved a B.A. in Classical Studies. Ben, who is a strong advocate for beards, food, and the panda living in his closet, is an avid runner, a semi-professional stick figure artist, and a lover of anything that makes someone unique. Ben wishes his bitmoji said “Stay Gold Pony Boy.” You can follow him on twitter and instagram @BenParva.


bitmoji-20161012222402Danielle Strah is a West Texas native who welcomed the change in scenery from the desert to the island. She graduated from UT Permian Basin in 2014 with a major in Biology and minor in Chemistry. She loves all animals (especially cats and giraffes), baking, Netflixing, reading a good book, and working out (to balance other hobbies).  She is currently part of the SCOPE program, and is interested in Pediatrics and Ob/Gyn.


14670865_543499739173015_2785857052650087452_nJackie Hong is a powerlifter, amateur artist, and graduate of Grove City College. Jackie loves juggling, Dragon Ball Z, dinosaurs, political incorrectness, Praying Mantises, videogames, dumb jokes, riding unicycles, Capoeira, and trying new challenges. Her current projects involve surviving medical school, breaking powerlifting records with her dad and sister, and working on her webcomic. Follow along here!



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